Panic Fest is film festival featuring horror, thriller and sci-fi films. We bring you flicks weeks sometimes months in advance. Some of the films we debuted in previous festivals include Elijah Wood’s Maniac remake, What We Do in the Shadows, Dark Was the Night and many more. To go along with our feature film lineup we also host a short film fest that attendees vote for the best of fest. This year we are adding live podcasts to the fest with special guests.

HOTEL RECOMMENDATIONS  LaQuinta | Harrah’s Casino | Marriot AT Briarcliff

THEATER LOCATION  Screenland Armour | 408 North Armour Rd. North KC, MO 64116


Bring a part of the Panic home with some gnarly t-shirts and stickers. Relive your trips to the VHS store with our Rotten Rentals Creepy Kid VHS pack filled with horror goodies, vintage trading cards. Grab some mini buttons and pin them to your shirt, your jacket or your grim reaper robe. Whatever you do help us spread the word and celebrate the Panic! 


Do you have the guts to survive the cut? Want to share your short horror films with a rabid fan base? Unleash your film at Panic Fest! We are now accepting short films under 25 minutes for consideration in our 2016 Short Film Showcase. Horror, thriller, comic, sci-fi hell even your best furry snuff films will be considered. But we doubt they get chosen. See how you can be part of the Panic!