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We have had the pleasure to bring you some great interviews and panels over the past few years at Panic Fest and we wanted to share some of our previous programming you may have missed!

Panic Fest 2021

'Vicous Fun' U.S. Premiere Q&A

We chat with the cast, director and producer about the neon drenched film 'Vicious Fun' which is making its U.S. premiere at Panic Fest 2021!

The Q&A features: Director Cody Calahan Producer Chad Archibald, Evan Marsh (Joel ) Amber Goldfarb (Carrie) Ari Millen (Bob)  David Koechner (Zachary)



Todd Farmer 'Jason X' Interview

Greg from Nightmare Junkhead sits down for a chat with Todd Farmer the writer of Jason X which turns 20 years old.


'Censor' Q&A with Prano Bailey-Bond

Adam speaks with director Prano Bailey-Bond about her fascination with Video Nasties and how it influenced the film and her career.


'Colors of the Dark' with Travis Stevens & Barbara Crampton

Dr. Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane from the  'Colors of the Dark' podcast speak to star Barbara Crampton and director Travis Stevens about their film 'Jakob's Wife.' 

Arrow Video Filmmaker Roundtable

Eric Havens (Screenwriter, The Stylist) is joined by Filmmakers Jill Gevargizian, Brian Lonano and Adam Stovall for a conversation about independent filmmaking.


Vinegar Syndrome
Saving Classic Genre Cinema

Adam Roberts sits down with archivist Justin LaLiberty from Vinegar Syndrome.


Knight Light Podcast Children in Horror

The Knight Light Podcast from the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network discuss children in horror and how they enhance the creep factor.


Black Magic Coven: The Djinn Lore

Downright Creepy Original on the //crickets podcast network

The ladies of the Coven discuss The Djinn lore and demons that appear in film and other pop culture references.


Signal Horizon
Horror Podclass: 'Class of 1999'

Join Orrin and Tyler as they give a podclass lesson on the 1990 Horror Sci-Fi film 'Class of 1999.'


Frightday: War of the Worlds

Bryon and Kelly from the Frightday Podcast dive down the deep rabbit hole of the radio teleplay that terrified the world, 'War of the Worlds.'

Panic Fest Tricks & Treats 2020


Final Girls - A Conversation with Women in Horror Hosted by Fangoria

Join FANGORIA's Jessica Safavimehr as she hosts our "Final Girls: A Conversation with Women in Horror" panel featuring Chelsea Stardust, Jill Gevargizian and Heidi Honeycutt!


Modern Witchcraft with Pam Grossman

Join Ashley Rae Cox as she speaks with modern day witch and host of The Witch Wave podcast Pam Grossman!


History of Halloween

Join us as FANGORIA's James Wallace host a "History of Halloween" panel with Reverend Entertainment's Justin Beahm and Halloween Historian Stephaine Anne Joens!


Gorgar Presents The 2020 Horror Debates

We teamed up with Shock the Vote ATX to help get the vote out for the upcoming election season and hosted a horror debate panel between the FRIGHTDAY podcast and Nightmare Junkhead! Gorgar had a few things to say about our panels answers...