Feature Films

Credit: Jason Satterlund

Credit: OneFox Productions

Credit: Shane Brown

Credit: AGFA

Credit: Cryptoscope Films

Credit: Shocking Dark Inc. / Panic Button Films

Credit: Momentum

Credit: MPI/Dark Sky

Credit: Young Min Kim


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Credit: IFC

Credit: XYZ Films

Credit: M.A.S. Productions

Credit: IFC

Credit: Yellow Veil

Credit: Sunny Oak Films

Credit: Giant Pictures / Drafthouse Films

Credit: DREAD / Epic Pictures

Credit: IFC Films

Credit: Fathom Film Company

Credit: Dark Star Pictures

Credit: Screambox / Bloody Disgusting


Credit: Allaborde

Credit: Paper Street Pictures

Credit: Nickle Pickle Films

Credit: Shudder

Credit: Paul Christopher Hibbard

Credit: Troma

Credit: IFC

Credit: Restoration courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome and the American Genre Film Archive.

Credit: Yellow Veil

Credit: IFC

Credit: Yellow Veil

Credit: Riotous Films / Four 10+ / Little Narwhal Films

Credit: FilmOption International

Credit: XYZ Films