Nightmare Junkhead
Live Podcast

Jan 25 | $5.00
Hosted By: Greg D and Jenius McGee

Join Greg Dedrick and Jenius McGee (Nerds of Nostalgia) as they weave in and out of your conscienceness and talk all things horror on the Nightmare Junkhead podcast.

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Horror Virgin
Live Podcast

Jan 26 | $5.00
Hosted By: Jennifer and Todd

What’s your favorite scary movie? Are you a fanatic or a fraidy-cat? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Each week, horror fan Jennifer will take horror virgin Todd through the encyclopedia of horror one movie at a time. Jenn will gush over Stephen King, and pontificate about the patriarchy and Todd will scream like a little girl at every jump scare. Every. Single. One. It’s hilarious. We won’t be providing running commentary of the movie, but we do promise to tell you how many times Todd pees on himself. Prepare yourself for spoilers, tangents, and lots of irreverent fun.
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Dark Was the Night
Live Podcast Reading

Jan 26 | Free
Written by: Tim KC Canton
Narrator: Darren Smith
Read by: Patrick Carson Sparrow (recorded)

Panic Fest exclusive sneak peak at the new Downright Creepy Original Podcast Series 'Dark Was the Night.'

When the sun sets on the horizon and the lights begin to dim – the secret society convenes in a cabin deep in the woods to share tales of folklore and the macabre.  These are the stories that are told when dark becomes night. This, is Dark Was the Night.”

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